About Us

At FitCrush, we know that fitness doesn’t just happen at the gym.  It’s a lifestyle.  Our pieces are designed with your fit lifestyle in mind.  We not only want to motivate and inspire you through your workout, but we also want you to be comfy and stylish to and from the gym!  Let’s be honest, we fit-and-busy types often end up in our workout gear long after we leave the gym, so we might as well have something cute to throw on after we’re done sweating.  We know that a little sweat and a lot of determination go a long ways towards helping you reach your goals, and you definitely need the clothes to match!

All of our FitCrush designs are uniquely created by our founder and chief designer with fun slogans, bright colors and cute details to motivate and inspire you throughout your workouts. We then choose the finest quality textiles, and have them printed at a premium facility specializing in high-end printing with the finest inks and custom colors.  Quality is important to us and we want your tops to feel as great as they look!  We know that when you look cute and feel awesome while you sweat, you may even work HARDER!  We want to provide a great top that can help you feel just cute and sassy enough to kick that workout into high gear.  Sweat not included!


The FitCrush Story

My name is Malea and I am the owner and creator of FitCrush Lifestyle.  I am a busy mom and fitness professional who knows exactly what it is like to live the fit-and-busy lifestyle!  I wanted to create a company specializing in fitness apparel specifically for those of us who make our health and fitness a priority throughout our busy lives.  As someone who teaches class and works out several times a day, in between work, carpool, sports, snacks and day-to-day  “mom” chores, I spend the majority of my day in my workout gear.  Sometimes it is fresh and clean, and often I have just come from the gym, because, let’s be honest, when you are fit-and-busy like me, sometimes the shower has to wait!  Does this mean I don’t like to look cute?? No way!  In fact, I find that a cute tank or cute and comfy pullover gives me that little boost of energy and spunk I need to get through even the busiest of days.  I want you to have something cute, colorful and motivational to sweat in, and something cute and comfy to throw on after you peel off that sweaty tank.  I want to inspire people to work hard, sweat hard, eat clean, be healthy & happy, and have the time to focus on family, friends and those things that truly bring us joy.  Can a tank top really do all that??  Certainly not on its own, but I hope that you can find something in our styles that brings a little smile to your face and adds a little kick to your #fitlifestyle!!


Happy Sweating!



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