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Don't you just love meals that are simple, clean & delicious?? This meal took no more than 20 minutes to put together, and was a super healthy crowd pleaser at the Anderson dinner table.  I don't know about you, but dinner time can be a busy time for us, and having a stockpile of healthy, quick dinner ideas is the key to making sure we stay on track with our healthy eating.


The method: 1. sauté wild caught shrimp in lemon juice, coconut oil and garlic until cooked through. 2. remove shrimp from pan and add zucchini noodles to pan with leftover sauce. Add a bit more lemon juice, coconut oil, garlic season with a bit of sea salt or pink himalayan salt and black pepper. Add red pepper flakes & grape tomatoes (optional). 3. Toss zucchini in sauce and cook until just tender. 4. Top with cooked shrimp and VOILA...dinner is served! How easy is that??

Eating clean doesn't have to be boring or take a ton of time. Be sure to download my free Fit & Busy Guide to Eating Clean on the Go for some great ideas on how to eat clean when your always on the me! Let's be fit & busy together! Xoxo, Malea

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