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Serving up healthy and delicious meals that are ALSO family favorites can be a challenge, so when I come across a "gem" of a meal that is healthy, delicious, colorful, AND a crowd pleaser, I just have to share it with my fit & busy friends!  I recently purchased a Spiralizer from Amazon and I'm OBSESSED with it.  This is an inexpensive tool that is an absolute MUST in the kitchen of the fit & busy.  You can make "noodles" with just about any veggie you can think of.  Talk about a great way to make healthy food FUN and appealing to the entire family.  This was actually one of my first spiralized creations, and it was a huge HIT!  Yep, even my kids gobbled this one up.  
This Zoodle creation was so simple to make.  Follow the easy steps below, or improvise by substituting veggies you have on hand.  Keep it colorful and you really can't go wrong.
1. Roast cherry and/or grape tomatoes in a little olive oil and salt and pepper until they start to shrivel up just a bit.
2. Cook up some chicken breasts with your favorite method (I used grilled chicken)
2. While the tomatoes are roasting and the chicken is grilling, spiralize 4-5 zucchini and set aside.
3. Prepare the garlic lemon "cream" sauce:
    -sautee 2-3 cloves of garilc in 1 tsp olive oil
    -whisk in about 1/2c chicken stock or broth
    -in a magic bullet or blender, blend together 1/4c cottage cheese and 1/4c NF Greek yogurt     with the juice from 1/2 lemon.
    -whisk yogurt mixture into garlic mixture and season with salt and pepper to taste.
    -stir in some lemon zest and a splash more lemon juice for a bright, fresh flavor.  
4. Throw Zoodles into a skillet over high heat, top with sauce, and toss together until zoodles are coated and just begin to cook.
5. Plate up zoodles, top with sliced grilled chicken and roasted tomatoes.  
I hope you and your family enjoy this quick, fresh & healthy meal!  Make sure to comment below with your results! 
*One of the great things about being in the health & fitness industry is that I am surrounded by healthy & talented people who inspire me on my quest to stay fit, busy & fabulous.  My wonderful friend Erin is an amazing healthy cooking goddess, and was the inspiration for this creation.  Check her out on instagram @livingleanwitherin or at  While you're there, make sure to sign up for her FREE "Lose 5 in 5" meal plan.  It rocks.

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