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Do you have a “fit-spiration,” or someone who inspires you on your fitness journey?   If not, I highly recommend that you find one!  This could be a workout buddy, a fellow fit mom (or dad!), an instructor at your gym, a colleague, a personal trainer, a family member, a Facebook friend, anyone you know who inspires to you be healthy and fit.  Why is this so important?  Because staying on track with your health and fitness goals can be hard!  We all have moments in our lives where the “busy” gets in the way of the “fit,” and it is important to have someone to look to and/or lean on to help us get back on track.   Although it is awesome to have a celebrity fitness icon, I have several of those myself, your “fit-spiration” should be someone you actually KNOW who you can reach out to for motivation, ideas, etc.   Even when things are going great, this could be someone you can text with your newest healthy recipe idea, who will willingly be your partner in crime as you try a new workout routine, or who won’t let you miss a one day sale on Quest Bars.
Like attracts like, so being around people with similar health and fitness priorities will allow you to reach your own goals more quickly.  You need to be around people who value health and fitness just as much as you do if you want to keep it a priority in your own life.  People who don’t understand you, or why you want to spend the extra time, money, effort, etc. on working out and eating healthy, can slowly start to erode away at your progress.  Surround yourself with people who support you and celebrate your progress, and ALWAYS try to be that person for someone else.  Fitness is more fun with friends, and you become who you hang out with, so choose wisely! 

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